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How Rent ( mainland )

Start renting

Please contact "KuroNeko Deka" if you have interesting land
Or, if you pay to the box installed on the land, rental starts, please wait for group invitation
By participating in the group, it is possible to set the section and customize the Parcel
Such as ground and buildings are grouped, so you can move, edit, copy and return
If you wish, install building items for residential buildings and landscapes.


While renting, the rental status is displayed on the property page of the WEB site and the local box
When paying the fee to the box the remaining period will be added for 7 days

Rental end

A message will be notified by IM at 7 days before the end of the remaining period
When you end the rental,
1. Take all objects except equipment
2. Withdrawal of members added to the group
3. Please withdraw from the group at the end
If there is anything left it will be return without notice

Parcel setting management ( mainland )

All rental properties are owned by the group of "Neko Real Estate"
Various land settings can be done with the group (role name: Owner) to be invited when renting
Role name: Owner has most of the authority of parcel management and object management
In addition to the following, please contact us if you have the required authority


· Invite people to this group
· Ban members from this group

Parcel identification information

· Partition name, description, and "Change Moderate content settings"
· Set landing point and teleport route

Setting up partitions

· Change music and media settings
· Switch various settings in "Land Information"> "Options" tab

Permission of the parcel

Always allow "Edit terrain"
Always allow "flying"
Always allow "Create Object"
· Ignore the landing point
· Allow "home setting" to group land

Access to the block

· Management of partition access list*
· Management of block ban list*
· Exile and freeze the residents on the block
*This setting may be limited depending on the property

Partition content

· Returning group owned objects
· Return objects set for group
· Returning non-group objects

Object management

· Transfer object to group
· Operation (move, copy, modify) group owned object

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions on the use of land?
There is not. You can use it freely
Do I need to be informed when I move in and when I leave?
It is unnecessary if there are no particular thing you want to check
Can installed objects be moved or deleted?
Yes. You can delete (return), modify, move objects freely. *All return is impossible. Please be careful not to return "Payment Box"
How can I increase the number of people who can REZ to the land?
Rental owner (you) will invite people to the group
Can I purchase land?
Yes. However, it must be a premium account
Contact UsAll questions, consultations, complaints, retreats, equipment movements, additions, removal, changes in land settings etc.
Please contact us in Second Life world "KuroNeko Deka" or "here"
Contact@ 黒猫 ( KuroNeko Deka ) [ View Profile ]